Terms of use - Multisport


I.    Definitions

You are now a User of Multisport Card. The present leaflet contains all the information you need to know about the services offered thought the use of your new card and the rules governing its use.

‘Benefit Systems’

means Benefit Systems Greece Private Capital Company (PCC) with registered offices at Nea Smyrni, at Ag.Fotinis 12 Ave., Athens, Greece.

‘MultiSport Card’

a plastic card which belongs to Benefit System, has an individual number and indicates the User’s and Client’s name. A MultiSport Card can be issued only to a person who is above 18 years of age and it cannot be transferred to other persons. A MultiSport Card can be issued also to a person who is between 16 and 18 years of age under the specific terms and conditions stipulated in the respective agreements. Every person can be provided with only one MultiSport Card issued in his/her name;


companies, non-profit organizations, sole traders, etc. purchasing sports and recreational services from Benefit Systems in order to provide to their employees and other individuals the MultiSport Card allowing them have access to the agreed sports and recreational services;

‘Sport Facility’

A sports center/swimming complex/fitness club/tennis court/dancing studio or other similar facility at which sports and/or recreational services available for use through MultiSport Cards. A list of all Sport Facilities and information for the services that can be used at the respective Sport Facilities is published on the website of Benefit Systems https://benefitsystems.gr;

‘User of MultiSport Card’

A person above the age of 16 having a MultiSport Card issued in his/her name upon request by the Client;

‘Identification Document’

A document issued by the competent governmental, municipal, educational or other authority containing the name, surname and a photograph of the User of MultiSport Card (e.g. identity card; passport; driving license; student’s card)

‘MultiSport Activities’

All sports and recreational services that can be used by Users of MultiSport Cards. Information about all services that can be used by the Users of MultiSport Cards, the Sport Facilities at which they can be used and the terms of use of the services is published on the following website: https://benefitsystems.gr . In case there are special conditions for use of certain sports or recreational service in a specific Sport Facility, they will be published in the “Details” section for the respective Sport Facility;

II.   Subject

1.  The present leaflet provides the rules and some useful information about the use of MultiSport Cards by the Users.

III. General rules

2.  You are entitled to one visit to one Sport Facility per day during which visit you are entitled to use the number of activities agreed with the Facility.

3.  MultiSport Cards do not provide the right to a free of charge use of any equipment and/or services of a personal trainer unless explicitly mentioned on the website of Benefit Systems: https://benefitsystems.gr.

4.  All MultiSport Cards are property of Benefit Systems and should be returned to Benefit Systems after the reason for their use is terminated, including when their validity term expires, when the agreement with the respective Client is terminated, etc.

5.  Each Sport Facility has its own rules and you should make sure you are aware of and follow the rules of the Sport Facilities you visit.

6.  You cannot use the MultiSport Cards in any other way than obtaining personal access to Sport Facilities, including inter alia providing them for use by other persons, trade them, lease them, give them away as presents, etc.

7.  You cannot make any changes to the design of the MultiSport Cards.

8.  In case of loss, damage or theft of a MultiSport Card you must notify you employer (the respective Client) within 24 hours, so that the Client immediately notifies Benefit Systems.

9. Information about the access to MultiSport Activities/ and about the use of the MultiSport Cards can be obtained at telephone: +30 6943034186.

10. The use of any other services in the Sport Facilities not included in the MultiSport Activities should be paid in accordance with the price list of the respective Sport Facility.

IV. Access to Sport Facilities

11. Prior to using a MultiSport service at a Sport Facility, you must present your MultiSport Card, an Identification Document and check your visit in the electronic card reader in the Sport Facility and/or sign in the form of visits available at the Facility where this is required.

12. All Users of MultiSport Cards who are between 16 and 18 years of age shall be granted access to Sport Facility only if they are accompanied by an adult when necessary under the applicable legislation/rules of the respective Sport Facility. The parents/guardians of Users of MultiSport Cards who are between 16 and 18 years of age are obligated to ensure the necessary supervision over them when they use MultiSport Activities.

13. The Sport Facility reserves the right to deny you access to a Service in case the service you wish to use at that moment is fully occupied.

V.     Racquet sports

14. In relation to racquet sport (tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis) and the use of courts and tables the following apply: if the court/table is used by 2 (two) – 4 (four) persons, of whom at least 2 (two) persons use the service through their MultiSport Card, additional payments for the court/table are not due to the Sport Facility. If only 1 (one) person is using the court/table through an active MultiSport, the other person(s) should pay half the price for the court/table to the Sport Facility.

VI.    Miscellaneous

15. Employees of the Sport Facilities and employees of Benefit Systems are entitled to check your Identification Documents. In case there is a discrepancy with the names on the respective MultiSport Cards and the Identification Documents, you may be requested to hand over your MultiSport Card and Benefit Systems is entitled to block your access to the respective services. Benefit Systems is also entitled to block your MultiSport Card when you refuse to present your Identification Document at the moment of the check.

16. Benefit Systems shall not be held liable for any damages suffered by your in a Sport Facility during the use of services included in MultiSport Card, unless otherwise provided in the mandatory provisions of law.

17. The present rules governing the use of Multisport Cards can be amended and/or supplemented by Benefit Systems. The new/amended rules enter into force as from the 1st day of the month following their publication on the website of Benefit Systems: https://benefitsystems.gr. Benefit Systems is obligated to publish on its website https://benefitsystems.gr the new/amended rules until the 15th day of the month preceding the month in which they enter into force.

Personal Data Protection

1. The execution of the Agreement, and in particular the provision of the services comprising the issuance and use of the MultiSport cards, requires the disclosure of personal data concerning the Users, from the Client to Benefit Systems and the consecutive collection and processing by Benefit Systems of personal data related to the Users.

2. On the one hand, the Client provides to Benefit Systems personal data relevant to the Users, for its own purposes, and namely for the purpose of providing to its Employees and to the persons, appointed by the Employees (Accompanying Persons), the opportunity to use the MultiSport cards.

3. In particular, the Client provides to Benefit Systems the following personal data of the Users: (a) the name and surname of the Employees who will be using the MultiSport cards, their email address (optional) and data about their employer, i.e. the Client; and (b) the name and surname of the Accompanying Persons, appointed by the Employees and using MultiSport cards, their email address (optional) and the name of the Employees who appointed the Accompanying Persons. This information is necessary in order for Benefit Systems to issue the personal MultiSport cards and provide to the Client and the Users the MultiSport Program in an efficient manner. This data is provided by the Client to Benefit Systems through the Platform, as described in the Agreement.

4. On the other hand, for the purposes of performance of the Agreement, Benefit Systems determines the purposes and means of processing of the Users‘ personal data. More precisely, Benefit Systems determines which personal data shall be necessary for the issuance and use of the MultiSport cards, as well as in what way the data shall be processed, by what technical means, who and in what way shall have access to the data,

5. Further, following the issuance of the MultiSport cards Benefit Systems would need to collect information about the use of the MultiSport cards, including information about the used services via the particular MultiSport cards, visited Facilities, information about the number of losses/damages of a particular MultiSport card, etc. for statistical purposes allowing Benefit Systems to check whether the Agreement with the Client is being properly performed and/or accounted, and for other purposes detemined by Benefit Systems, such as analytics of aggregated data of statistical nature of the Users that would allow Benefit Systems to improve the MultiSport Program, as well as for fraud prevention;

6. In view of the above, Benefit Systems and the Client hereby confirm and agree that in the context of the personal data protection legislation, Benefit Systems and the Client are independent data controllers as regards the personal data processing for the purposes of the Agreement.

Last update: 26.07.2019